Monday, June 06, 2005

Mister Who ???

From the great puzzle palace known as National Defence Headquarters we hear this news as noted in the Globe & Mail.
Ottawa - Canada's military command structure is about to be turned upside down so the Armed Forces can deal more quickly with natural disasters and potential terrorist attacks.

In the biggest restructuring in four decades, Gen. Rick Hillier has ordered a transformation that will see control of domestic military assets turned over to integrated regional centres, known as Canada Command.

Since the mid-1960s, the army, navy and air force have worked together to a certain extent. But each section has independent control over ground forces, ships, aircraft and other equipment.

Mr. Hillier, the chief of defence staff, wants the command structure to be more "top down," with regional commanders in control of all military personnel and hardware.

"They'll now come under an integrated commander at a regional level," said a spokeswoman for Mr. Hillier.
Er, am I the only one that gags at a full general, and commander of the armed forces of Canada being referred to as Mr. Hillier. I know. I know. There is some sort of Canadian Press style book, or other journalistic scripture, in place that dictates that this usage is to be followed after his rank is referred to once in a story.

But let us face facts here. He is a general officer and not an "Esquire." Esquires are "misters" Holders of the Queen's commission are not. He has a rank that he earned through long years of service to our country. It is ridiculous to refer to him as a "mister." Who started this anyway? Name the miserable mister or ms responsible.

I warn you. Stop it, or I'll write to Mr. Benedict in Rome, or Mrs. Windsor in London to protest. For the love of Mr. Christ will no one end the silliness.


At 1:24 pm, June 07, 2005 , Blogger Babbling Brooks said...

I hear ya, Johan.

Heck, I get ticked off when they use the wrong abbreviation for the rank, and I'm even rankled by putting a period after the abbreviation. But I'm a real stickler for that sort of thing, and I know my nitpickiness is over the top.

But Mister? What? The? Fork?

At 8:38 pm, June 07, 2005 , Blogger Kermit said...

Mister my arse. Brooks, you're not over the top. You're not even close to the rim...

John the Mad (well maybe not mad, but pretty well aggravated), when the revolution against your media types gets started, let know. I'll try to have enough money saved up to buy the gas to drive North so I can join the ruckus.

That is, of course, if I'm not busy making little rocks out of big rocks at a federal rock quary. Such things you need to be ready for, because the left frowns on pro-democracy rioting.

And I won't mention drying out a few faggots of wood for a weinie roast in the lobby of the Washington Compost.

Peace and all good,



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