Monday, June 06, 2005

Those Tampered Tapes

I see from my morning Globe & Mail that they have engaged a subject matter expert to review the infamous Grewal tapes.

Ottawa - The recordings initially released by Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal were altered, and it is unlikely that the changes in the tapes he made were caused by digital copying, as the Conservatives have stated, concludes a forensic audio expert employed by The Globe and Mail to examine the controversial recordings....

... Yesterday, Jack Mitchell, a U.S. forensic audio expert who conducted a preliminary review of portions of the originally released recordings, said they had been altered. He said he did not believe the changes occurred in the digital-copying process.

"These tapes have been edited. This is not a maybe. This is not something that's unexplained. This is not, 'Oh, this is odd.' This is a definitive statement. The tapes have been edited," Mr. Mitchell said.

He said he could not say with certainty how the alterations occurred, or conclude definitely that it was done intentionally.

However, Mr. Mitchell said that he not only found instances of possible edits, including sections where it appeared that phrases had been added to the recordings, but also a telltale repeat of a brief snippet of conversation that was repeated exactly.

This tampering claim must be thoroughly investigated and the Conservative Party must cooperate fully in the investigation. If this allegation is true I believe that Mr. Grewal ought to resign his seat as a member of parliament. Failing that, he should be kicked out of the Conservative caucus. Anyone in the Conservative Party who had anything to do with altering these tapes (if they were altered) should be summarily dismissed.

I remain thoroughly disgusted by the actions of Prime Minister Martin, Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh and Martin's Chief of Staff, Tim Murphy. I am repelled by their strategy of promising high offices for parliamentary votes, but doing so in a cynical manner which retains a thin veneer of "plausible deniability."

But we should also be outraged by Mr. Grewal traipsing around Parliament Hill secretly taping government ministers and political staff. Even if the tapes were not altered Mr. Grewal's actions fall short the standard of integrity required of a members of parliament.

Canadians have a right to honest government. At the moment we are not getting it.


Since posting this item I see from Neale News that Mr. Grewal is taking stress leave.


At 8:48 pm, June 06, 2005 , Blogger Kermit said...

I am constantly amazed by the lengths people will go to protect perceived territory or perceived personal power. This, relative to the tapes thing. Relative to the deep throat thing, I am amazed the lengths to which a weasel will go to exact revenge for a perceived personal wrong.

It almost makes the days in the Nam seem simple. At least those of us that stood a good chance of dieing together had one major luxury that seems to be lacking anywhere outside of combat. We were damnably and brutally honest with ourselves and each other.

The level to which manyy 'politicos' have sunk almost makes Tet '68 seem like the 'good old days'. At that time, I knew exactly who the enemy was.

I share your dismay with the state of the state. At least honest men are still brothers regardless of country of origin.

Peace be with you,



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