Monday, June 06, 2005

The Choice is Clear

In a May 12, 2005 post I commented on the fact that there were good people in all of Canada's political parties. I even praised my local MP Dan McTeague with the following words:
I am well aware that not every Liberal is a crook, or a thug, or a fraudster. I knew and worked with some very fine people over my decades as a Liberal. The truth is that all parties have very good people within them. I know my local Member of Parliament, Dan McTeague is a conscientious MP and an honourable man. He works hard and serves his country to the best of his considerable ability. I expect he feels betrayed and angry over what is being revealed by the Gomery Commission. He should.
Now we hear of another principled MP by the name of Pat O'Brien who has danced the dance of the two sword lengths and left the Liberal caucus to sit as an independent MP.
Ontario Liberal MP Pat O'Brien has left the Grits to sit as an Independent member of Parliament, a move that could possibly trigger an election.

O'Brien has been out of step with his party on social issues and has been long opposed to the government's efforts to pass Bill C-38 -- the legislation to legalize same-sex marriage.

"I tried my best as part of the Liberal caucus to achieve my objectives. I now find that I can't do that any more," he said at a news conference Monday morning in Ottawa.

"I'm not being listened to in the Liberal caucus to the degree I want to be on this issue. They're determined to move forward on this issue and you can see what a rush they are in to do that."
This sad statement reveals what many of us have feared for some time. One cannot be a faithful Catholic and belong to the Liberal Party of Canada. The party itself has set itself up as an protagonist in the in the cultural war underway in Western civilization. It now marches under the banner of the culture of death.

I cannot tell you how sad that makes me.

So Dan McTeague, this is your challenge. What shall it be; your faith or your party? It really is coming down to that.


At 9:18 pm, June 07, 2005 , Blogger Kermit said...

I'll try to dump the whole load on this one in the bog blog and not in front of the Castle of John the Mad.

I am angry that mainstream, liberal, feel-good/easy grace churches let the word MARRIAGE be kidnapped by the activist gay and secularist straight society.

My anger is equally directed at more conservative churches that did not see behind the smokescreen of feel-good-ism, and watched the kidnapping but DID NOT DISCERN what was really happening. The watchmen slept on the walls!

MARRIAGE is a religious function. CIVIL UNION is a government function. The government should issue a CIVIL UNION LICENSE and stay out of the MARRIAGE business, which is (by definition) a RELIGIOUS function. Let's base tax rights on civil union and let the shepherds of each denomination determine the religious bounds of marriage for their own flocks.

On top of which which, I patently abhor Guerilla Theatre, which is generally in poor taste and proves nothing other than that the actors should be taken out hung as public nuisances!

The Green Frog will now get all growly and return to sulk in the bog.




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