Monday, June 06, 2005

An Incident at Notre Dame

While I'm on the subject of same-sex marriages may I turn your attention to the historic cathedral of Notre Dame, in Paris France, where advocates of these unions were displaying their tolerance and respect for the opposition in this debate, when they were assaulted by an "AGRESSIVE security detail." Here is what happened.

A PRIEST was slightly hurt at Paris's famed Notre-Dame Cathedral when clashes broke out between church security personnel and gay rights activists who performed a mock marriage of two lesbians.

About 20 members of the group Act Up entered the cathedral and proceeded to perform the mock marriage in front of baffled tourists and worshippers, according to an AFP correspondent at the scene.

One activist - dressed as a priest - pronounded (sic) the two women married, while other Act Up members chanted: "Pope Benedict XVI, homophobe, AIDS accomplice." With security officials in pursit, they then fled the cathedral, but clashes broke out outside the Paris landmark, during which Monsignor Patrick Jacquin suffered a minor neck injury. He was treated at the scene.

The demonstration marked the first anniversary of France's first gay wedding, performed last year in the Bordeaux suburb of Begles. The union of two men has since been declared null and void by the French courts.

Monsignor Jacquin said: "They are savages. I was pushed to the ground and trampled, kicked in the neck. "It's a scandal for these people to lash out at me and the Pope."

"He said he was considering filing charges against what he called "barbaric, odious and scandalous acts".

The president of Act Up Paris, Jerome Martin - who participated in today's demonstration - said he had also been hit in the melee, but claimed the priest had exaggerated the actual events."We did not want to be aggressive with respect to the worshippers... the aggressive security detail wanted to rip up our banner," he said.

This Monsignor Jacquin is clearly a hetero crybaby who will stop at nothing to discredit honest gay disputants pursuing their legitimate goal of deep sixing the traditional institution of marriage. What gall (Gaul?) he has to complain about being knocked down and kicked in the neck when the AGRESSIVE cathedral security detail was attempting to rip up the sacred protest banner brought in by the loving and tolerant Act Up protesters. It's not as though there is anything really important or special about a church or the right of a priest (or anyone else) to the security of his person. And this God stuff is what makes people intolerant and unloving, isn't it? It all happened because of that new Nazi pope.

There, I had to get it off my chest and I did.


Oops. I amost forgot to tip my hat to Kathy Shaidle of Relapsed Catholic for the story.


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