Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Another day another bomb

(photo courtesy of Google photos)

I understand that the Muslims youth in France have slowed their efforts somewhat to burn all the cars, daycares and schools in France. We are told they are angry because they are not accepted by the French as being as being French. Did I say the Muslims youth? I should have said all the Muslim male youth.

It seems that contrary to the spirit of true French egalite their sisters are not permitted to riot. They must dress modestly in accordance with Islamic custom, limit their educational and career ambitions, stay out of pools where males swim and stay home while their brothers riot and burn their communities to the ground. French youths, it seems, insist on this, ..... uh ..... French Muslim youths insist on this (as do their male elders). It gets so confusing.

But let us leave the smoky ruins of superior French culture for other climes. Jordan is burning too, or at least three hotels that serve westerners are burning. It appears that Muslim suicide bombers blew themselves up killing at least 57 people and wounding hundreds. Word is not yet in on whether female Muslim youths were allowed to blow up the hotels, or whether the detonators were issued only to young Muslim men. One can only hope that Jordanian Muslims are less sexist than their French co-religious and that girls are given a chance to create murder and mayhem on an equal basis with their brother Muslims.

Mind you, it may be that no Jordanians blew themselves up. This honour may have been reserved for Al Qaida Muslims of other nationalities. Given the scattering of the suicide bombers' remains it may take police time to piece things together.

What else? Oh yes. Australia is not burning. The authorities in Australia broke up two separate Muslim terrorist cells that were competing to be first to carry out what security officials called "a catastrophic terrorist attack" blowing up Australians in Australia. There's nothing like competition to spur the lads on, in my view. Keeps the group motivated.

According to the British News Telegraph:
Ken Moroney, the head of the state's police force, said: "I'm satisfied that we have disrupted what I would regard as the final stages of a large-scale terrorist attack."

The nine members of the alleged Melbourne terror cell appeared in court, where prosecutors said they had carried out military training in the bush and had stockpiled chemicals capable of making bombs. Police disclosed that they had 240 hours of secretly taped recordings in which the suspects allegedly discussed jihad and martyrdom.
Yes it is a banner year for Muslims blowing up innocent people. This from CTV News.
"2005 has been a year where there has been quite high numbers of successful attacks in all corners of the world," former CSIS Intelligence Officer Michel Juneau-Katsuya told CTV Newsnet. "We've seen it in Egypt, we just saw it now in Amman, we saw it in Bali, and we saw it Europe ... Unfortunately there's sort of a momentum that is playing in favour of al Qaeda. I think the militants are feeling quite strong and empowered with the success of those attacks."
The attack in Egypt is old news, of course. It was so end of Julyish. You may recall this story from BBC News, though:
The blasts came within minutes of each other, shortly after 0100 local time (2200 GMT), when the bars and markets were busy. In the most devastating attack, a bomber rammed his car into Ghazala Gardens Hotel, according to an eyewitness.

"A suicide car bomber forced the barrier at the entrance of the hotel. A member of the security staff tried to stop him but he sped towards the reception and there was a huge explosion," an unnamed hotel employee told AFP news agency. Parts of the front walls of the hotel collapsed, trapping people under the rubble.

A few hundred metres away, a bomb went off in a car park near the Moevenpick Hotel and popular nightlife spots, causing widespread damage and casualties.
In the Old Market area blast, about 4km (2.5 miles) away, 17 people - believed to be Egyptian workers - were killed as they gathered at a street cafe, rescue officials said.

"This flaming mass flew over my head, faster than a torpedo and plunged into the water," Mursi Gaber, who was working on a nearby beach when the blast happened, told AP. "There were body parts all over the steps down to the beach."
You don't recall the attack on Egypt. Hmm. No doubt you were concentrating on the end of July Muslim attack on the London transit system where Muslim suicide bombers blew up themselves and 52 innocent people.

Now let's look at India. Apparently, since 9/11 there have been over 40 attempts, or successful attempts by Muslims to blow up themselves and others.

Did I mention Spain? The March 2004 Madrid Muslim bombing killed 190 innocent people, which was much lower than the original estimate of 202. It seems:
Police and forensics experts discovered that body parts in 13 bags originally thought to belong to unidentified corpses were later determined to be those of people already included in the death toll or of survivors ....
Mistakes are made. They no doubt got confused with the death toll from the Muslim bombing in Bali in October 2002 where the murder toll was 202. .

I know how hard it is to keep all this Muslim blowing up of people straight. But we must make the effort to keep count. Lots of Muslims certainly are.


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