Saturday, November 05, 2005

Confession is good for the stomach


So for lunch today I was cooking bacon and eggs. Master Brendan approached me and asked for a piece of bacon.

I suggested he wait until breakfast was served and he left the kitchen. Apparently, he went to Lady Mad and asked if she could steal a piece of bacon for him because he was "starving."

Now Master Brendan is in Grade 2 and will be receiving the Catholic sacraments of Reconciliation (confession) and the Eucharist (communion) this year.

Accordingly, we had just returned from our parish where our associate pastor, Father Boniface, spoke about "first confessions." Lady Mad is not a Catholic, but is very supportive of our boys being raised in the Church. With his new found knowledge about confessions, Brendan told her it was okay for her to steal some bacon because she could just go to Fr. Boniface later and tell him about her theft.

Lady Mad thought she could use this moment as a teaching moment. She noted that stealing is wrong and why. She also told him that as a Protestant she does not go to confession and has to live with her sins all her life, although she can ask God to forgive her and he will. For a moment Brendan solemnly absorbed the notion of God answering her requests and retorted that maybe they should ask God to steal some bacon for him.

She came into the kitchen laughing about it. When I heard the tale I cracked up and gave Brendan the Famished two pieces of bacon and some cheese to hold him over. I'm not sure theology is his strong suit.


At 2:02 am, November 08, 2005 , Blogger Candace said...

That is too funny! I love kids' logic - it's so pure & simple (and usually really hard to argue).


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