Thursday, October 20, 2005

Liberals affirm one-party autocracy

From today's Globe & Mail.
Canada had a message yesterday for the million of workers and peasants who have protested against Liberal officials in recent months. Dictatorship is still the only permissible option. The Liberal government released its first "white paper" on political democracy, a 74 page discussion paper that brooked no discussion on its central conclusion that the one party autocracy must be preserved. ......

The white paper hammered home the message that the Canadian masses still need the dominance of the Liberal Party of Canada. "The LPC's leadership and rule is needed for uniting millions of people to work in a concerted effort in building a beautiful future," it said. ......
While then paper mentioned the experimental system of "village elections" at the lowest level of the Canadian system, it gave no hint of any opening to real democracy at higher levels of government.
Of course, the publication of this white paper is enough to dishearten those of us in Canada who believe in real democracy with multi-party rule and systems of government that permit the occasional change in governing political parties ...... uh, wait a minute ... sorry ...... I transcribed that incorrectly...... so sorry .......... you have to go back and replace Ottawa with Beijing and the Liberal Party of Canada with the Communist Party of China. Pardon me. Now how on earth did I make that mistake? .............................


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