Monday, October 31, 2005

Why the Special Treatment for the Liberals?

Judge Gomery, from Google Images

Today, Prime Minister Martin will be given a copy of Judge Gomery?s first set of findings on the $350 million Liberal sponsorship scandal. He gets the report hours prior to the rabble known as the public. Sixteen hours for the Prime Minister?s Office to prepare messaging favourable to the Liberal cause. Sixteen hours during which the political party that committed the wrongdoing gets to plot a communications strategy to minimize the political damage the report will cause.

Why does Paul Martin (and the Liberals) get an advance copy of Judge Gomery?s report? This is not right.


At 7:59 pm, October 31, 2005 , Blogger greenlantern said...

But it is business as usual of course, and most of the public will shrug thier shoulders and continue to vote liberal.


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