Sunday, November 06, 2005

Baby Samuel makes contact

(photo by Michael Clancy)

The photograph to the left is of Baby Samuel in 2002, when he was at 21 weeks gestation. Except for his left arm and hand, he is in his mother's womb. You can see his tiny hand squeezing the surgeon's finger.

The amazing photo was taken a few years ago by USA Today photojournalist Michael Clancy, who became a pro-life supporter after taking this photograph.

The surgeon above was performing a modern medical miracle by operating on a baby in his mother's womb to correct spinda bifida. The story can be found at

Funny how a dose of reality can cut through the miasmic obfuscations of the cult of death. One doctor heals a baby in the womb. Another makes a living by killing them. Personally, I cannot fathom how anyone can cut such innocents into pieces for a living, let alone medical practitioners who are dedicated by oath to the healing art.

But some do. And they are lionized for it by those who worship death without, in many cases, even knowing the name of their twisted god, or that they are acolytes of the great evil.


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