Sunday, March 13, 2005

To All "Proposing" Catholic Bishops

A Belloc anecdote just for you from The Angelus.
One of the differences between Belloc and Chesterton in defending the Faith was that Chesterton did a lot of fencing, but Belloc drew real swords and real blood. Before engaging in battle, he would clearly state his objective, plan his campaign and examine his weapons. He would note what good there was in his opponent and then clearly state the evil he was about to attack and then attack it. "Without wounding and killing," he said, in criticism of Chesterton, "there is no battle."

He did not, however, find any enjoyment in the personal injury of his opponent.

In the great debate he had against Wells, objecting to the latter's Outline of History, Belloc became personal in his attack and Wells was hurt. "Mr. Wells means to say all that is in him, and if there is not very much in him, that is not his fault." The two had been friends for 25 years, but Wells's attack on the Church in his new book was subtle and Belloc sought to crush the evil and its instrument, come what may. The friendship never recovered and Belloc admitted in later life that the spoils of these wars were a bitter reward for his efforts; and that the loss of so many friends, through his battles, added to the strain of his old age.
If you believe as a Catholic bishop that the same-sex bill before our parliament is an evil instrument, and if you are an orthodox Catholic you must, then why aren't you out there with Bishop Henry of Calgary defending the Faith? Why are you allowing Catholic members of parliament and their Catholic counterparts in the provincial legislatures to own the public ground as "devout Catholics"? Why is this public scandal not publicly addressed?

A pastoral letter to parishes, expressing Catholic teaching on this matter is helpful, but is simply not sufficient to carry the day.


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