Sunday, March 13, 2005

Ottawa Isn't Even Wales, Charlie

Kate from The last Amazon (whose blog I very much enjoy)has the following to say (comments section)about my last post on Charlie Angus MP. In her usual manner, she nails the issue to the wall.
I guess MP Angus also missed mass when the homily discussed the question Jesus asked: what does it profit a man if he gains the world but loses his soul?
It is very distressing to me to see so many "public" Catholics abandon Catholic teaching with such easy abandon. Christ was offered the whole world by Satan if he would bow down to him.

Charlie Angus MP, is only retaining a warm (and getting spiritually warmer) seat in the NDP caucus. I pray that his spiritual ambition may one day match his political ambition.

I believe that these "devout" Catholic politicians are only able to play this game of privately believing one thing while publicly expousing another because they are allowed to do so without suffering public censure from our bishops. With all due respect to Bishop Paul Marchand, the Church needs a lot less "proposing" and a great deal more "opposing." Psst. .... it's called leadership, Your Grace. Pass it on!

On this subject I shall have more to say when time permits.


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