Friday, March 04, 2005

Quebec Opts for Greater Centralization

Canadian Press
BRUSSELS ? Quebec Premier Jean Charest is calling for a stronger role for his francophone province on the world stage, saying Canada's federal government should no longer have exclusive rights over foreign and trade policy.
Charest, an outspoken proponent of provincial rights, made the appeal in an interview that took place during a three-day conference in Brussels, Belgium, on federalism.
The premier said Quebec deserved a right to sit beside the federal government on issues that are of direct concern to its mainly French-speaking residents and said he was pushing for changes in how Canada negotiated international treaties.
"If we are not there at the table, then we jeopardize our ability to implement the agreements," Charest said Thursday.
He said ongoing talks on reform had to look at the European Union as an example of how to improve decision making. [emphasis mine]
Uh, Premier Charest. I'd reconsider that last comment, if I were you. The whole point of the EU is for the constituent parts (the various governments) to give up their decision-making powers to the central authority on important matters such as foreign policy. Is more centralization of power what you really want for Canada/Quebec? .... Just asking.


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