Friday, June 17, 2005

Gurmant Grewal Cleared Again

I've been out of town on Her Canadian Majesty's business for a number of days. I get back to see this from Yahoo News:

Fri Jun 17,11:04 AM ET

OTTAWA (CP) - The RCMP and federal transport regulators have cleared Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal of any wrongdoing in an incident at Vancouver International Airport.

Grewal tried on June 4 to get other passengers in a waiting area of the airport to carry a package for him to Ottawa.

But the RCMP say there was nothing criminal about the Newton-North Delta MP's actions. RCMP Cpl. Dave Williams says the Mounties never launched
a full-scale investigation. That's because Grewal had already cleared airport
security before his actions drew attention.

"It was a safety concern for the airline, but once everybody goes through security - and he was on the secure side - you can exchange packages as long as everybody knows what's in the package.

"If we found out that it had come in from a non-secure method, we may have been involved," Williams said in an interview from Richmond, B.C. "But we had no evidence to even suggest that."

Transport Canada has also cleared Grewal.

In a letter to the MP dated June 13, the agency's manager of security operations says Grewal did not contravene the Aeronautics Act.

Well, well, well. My last post noted that the only real expert (as opposed to the Globe & Mail's front page news mail order "expert") to review the originals of the infamous "doctored" tapes said they weren't. The originals were clean and undoctored. Not fiddled with. Pristine. Accurate. Real. Authentic.

Next to no main line media coverage.

Now this latest story above clears Mr. Grewal from accusations of wrongdoing at the airport. I await the rush of apologies from his accusers and front page treatment of his exoneration in the media. Come on now. Don't be shy. Step up and admit you were wrong. Hello, I can't hear you?


At 8:37 am, June 25, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, the main stream media thrives on negativeness.

It is shameful for them to be honest. In logical terms when you speak before you think, it is called "Spitting and Licking". They like to spit without any logic (They are not any different than National Enquirer) but when they are proven wrong, they are hesitant to admit yet will keep on twisting the story.

Do they care aboout hurting somebody's credibility? They are whore journalists. Readers should be aware of the whore names of story twisters.

Will you see them putting in the same major head lines about the clearance news whether it is Airport Issue or the Immigration Bond issue? They are the worms who thrive on the shiX (ShXt/SXit/Xhit).

There are very few honest journalists and honest readers who care about the good things The MP Couple is standing for, whether it is the religion, family values or whistle blowing or standing up to it when it is wrong! I admire them for their bravery and being daring.

Can the PM's office answer why Germant started recording Kalia's (Ujjal's buddy) converstation if Germant was going to defect? That happened way early in the conversations. Who changed the story and kept changing it everytime they were caught? Ujjal, Tim and PM, you can't twist it anymore! Media, get it write and state the facts. Atleast, don't spit based on your ASSumption!


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