Monday, May 16, 2005

Islamic Ecumenism in Action

While perusing the Lifesite site I came across this little gem from December 2004.

Christian Names Not Allowed on Azerbaijani Birth Certificates

Baku, Azerbaijan Dec. 2 ( - Authorities in Azerbaijan
are refusing to issue birth certificates for children with Christian names, the
Forum 18 News Service reports. Without birth certificates, the children are
unable to enroll in school, receive medical service, or obtain passports. Government officials claim that the public opposes the use of Christian names, preferring traditional Azerbaijani names. "We have letters from village residents and 98 percent are opposed to registering Christian names," local registration official Aybeniz Kalashova told Forum 18. Azerbaijan is more than 90 percent Muslim. When questioned by Forum 18 as to why parents should be denied the right to name their children, Kalashova shot back: "Why are you interfering in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan?" "This is ridiculous," remarked a member of a Christian community in the capital city of Baku. "You can call your child 'Communist' or 'Tractor'," she told Forum 18. "Why not a Christian name?"

If you call your child Tractor will he grow up to be a member of the Oxford movement, or end up joining the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri?


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