Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Thoughts on the Grotesque

The Gomery Commission continues to issue its daily revelations into the criminal grotesquerie known as the Liberal Party of Canada. Lawyers at the inquiry are spending time disputing whether the envelopes stuffed with illegal cash/kickbacks were brown or yellow (billable hours must be maximized, after all). There are disputes over who exactly got the cash, or how much, or whether it was for past or future services, .... or any services at all. But no one seriously questions the existence of the illegal kickbacks. It is the distribution mechanism that is at issue.

Current political staff to prominent Liberal cabinet ministers are denying they were recipients, ..... my goodness not them! A witness to the commission is "pressured"a couple of weeks before he testifies, by a former Grit Cabinet Minister at the heart of the scandal. Just friendly advice, we are told. This same former Cabinet Minister was named by a stool pidgeon last year as a made man for the mob during a U.S. Congressional committee hearing looking into organized crime in the United States. His actual status as a member, or non-member, of the mob is unconfirmed as of this writing.

Prime Minister Paul Dithers continues to hand out to your hard earned tax money to any political leader who whines at length. The Premier of Ontario was just bought off, although there is a controversy over the amount of your tax moola being given to Upper Canada.

It was, or was not $5.6 billion in new money over five years. It was, or was not, mostly money extorted by Smiling Jack Layton in his political heist of the federal treasury a couple of weeks ago. It was, or was not, a lot of new money, depending on which Liberal you listen to.

The Premier of Ontario says it is a lot, by golly, but he has a credibility problem respecting taxes ever since he promised "pinky swear" not to raise our taxes by one single penny. The $900 per year new health tax was admittedly more than a penny, proving he is a man of his word. The federal Finance Minister says the new money for Ontario is all smoke and mirrors and anyways the agreement doesn't flow much revenue for a few years. Relax.

Prime Minister Dithers had no time to comment as he was very late for a parade in Holland. Something about honouring those old guys who liberated the Dutch in a war so long ago when we actually had an army. The PM was late for the war parade because he was closeted with the Ontario Premier over the weekend trying to buy political peace on his provincial flank. Grits, you see, believe in making peace, not war. And anyway the four political party leaders made a quick deal on the Prime Ministerial jet trip back to Canuckland for a billion dollars in increased unplanned benefits for the vets. This is to show they all really really care for the old guys after all, even if they did miss the parade. It has nothing at all to do with the current unsettled political conditions in parliament. Nope, it is all about their compassion.

Saskatchewan appears to be next in the queue for your tax dollars. The line forms to the left of Jack Layton folks. Stay calm. There's enough tax money in the Liberal Party re-election slush fund known as the federal treasury to buy off everyone and ensure a Liberal victory in an election. It is a good cause. They are the saviours of the nation, you know.

If you don't believe me look at how well they have crushed the separatists in Quebec and at their standing in the polls there ...... oh .... ok, we'll move on to other things. Speaking of polls, I see that the Liberals are riding high in the polls in Ontario. It appears that Stephen Harper, that dastardly Conservative, can't be trusted. He has a hidden agenda to grab power, which is quite different from the transparent Liberal agenda to cling to it. I say it is time to out the hidden agenda. Here it is.

"We will put the matter to the people in a general election and let them decide."

That's it. Scary, huh. Hello out there! Anyone awake?


At 8:38 am, May 11, 2005 , Blogger Not the PHB said...

Frightening and depressing in it's accuracy.

For the life of me, I can't understand how many times the average Ontario voter has to kicked in the political rear end before realizing, "Hey, my bum hurts!"

But wait for it... The Ontario provincial budget is coming out today. And I'm feeling soooo good about what it's going to do for me.



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