Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Mr. Gagliano's Righteous Rage

Every once in a while one reads a statement so breathtakingly beyond belief that you cannot believe it has actually been uttered. So it is with Alfonso Gagliano, the erstwhile Minister of Public Works in the Liberal Government of Jean Chretien. If there is one Minister of the Crown whose name is indelibly stained with the words, "sponsorship scandal" it has to be that of Mr. Gagliano. Does he accept guilt in this unholy scam? He does not. From CBC News we learn of this extra-ordinary utterance from poor Alfonso, himself.

"He's [Paul Martin's]going to destroy the party and break up the country," Gagliano said during a television interview with the CBC's French-language network. ....

"Of course, if [Quebec Liberal Premier Jean] Charest makes a miracle and forms a second government, it could possibly be put off," he told the broadcaster."But I think that at this stage, the separation of Quebec from Canada is not stoppable. It's a question of time. It's going to happen."
Understand that. It's not Mr. Gagliano, Mr. Chretien and the host of Liberal parasites, execrable political operatives, rogue civil servants and scurrilous Liberal party hangers-on who are at fault in this grotesque betrayal of the public trust. It is not they who have created the conditions that may cause Canada to fracture.

No indeed; it is Mr. Paul Martin who is solely at fault. Why is this? Well, from the perspective of this sleeze-artist extraordinaire, Mr. Martin called a commission of inquiry into the sponsorship program and in doing so let the public know what the Liberal kleptocrats were up to on such a gross and grandiose scale.

You see, the sponsorship program was supposed to operate in the twilight world of political patronage and here is Judge Gomery, appointed by Paul Martin, focusing a million candle power beam of light into the dank dark recesses of the Liberal underground gravy train. The stink of this grotesque scandal is enough to shrivel the soul of a saint, yet Mr. Gagliano sees no fault in himself.

Paul Martin, as Leader of the Liberal Party, former Finance Minister, Treasury Board member, and the man who controlled the Liberal Party apparatus in Quebec, must wear the disgust of the public. But Mr. Martin's sins are primarily sins of omission.

Mr. Gagliano, on the other hand, ought to find himself a good confessor. His mortal sins are scarlet. Liberal scarlet! Get thee to a monastery. You are not fit for polite society.


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