Friday, April 22, 2005

Linda Williamson's Take on Martin's Speech

Hat tip to Occam's Carbuncle. Linda Williamson of the Toronto Sun makes some devastating points about the PM's televised State of the Party speech.

Watching Paul Martin address the nation last night, I couldn't help thinking of all the times he and his predecessor didn't speak to Canadians directly.

Not after 9/11, even though 24 of our countrymen were murdered by terrorists. Not when we joined the war in Afghanistan. Not when we declined to back the U.S. in Iraq; not when we naively rejected the U.S. missile defence program.

Not when the government refused to compensate thousands of victims of the tainted blood scandal, many of whom are dying as they continue to await justice today (despite a hasty Liberal flip-flop on the issue Wednesday night, which will change little). Not even when the government decided to redefine the institution of marriage.
All true, of course. But this is the zinger.

Think about what Martin asked of us last night: He wants us to let ethically compromised Liberals continue to spend our money for almost a year, until the ongoing inquiry into how they stole our money is complete.
And this.

He wants us to believe it would be bad for the country to have an election before Gomery's final report on AdScam comes out -- some eight months from now. This, from the guy who called the last election before any of the really damning facts were known. (He said he had to do it so he could fix health care "for a generation," remember? Great job he did, eh?)
Well done Ms. Williamson.


At 4:06 pm, April 22, 2005 , Blogger Not the PHB said...

I think the PM missed a great opportunity last night. If you're going to have an infomercial, you need a snappy tag line to support it. I'm proposing this:

"The Liberal Party - try us again for another 9 months AND your money back!"


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