Monday, April 18, 2005

More on Christopher Hitchens

A good friend read my post on Christopher Hitchens and emailed some great comments.

Hitchens really is an astonishing man. The first article I read by him was in Vanity Fair or the New Yorker, and he called Mother Theresa of Calcutta a "thieving Albanian dwarf".

Every day is Guy Fawkes Day for Chris.

I subscribe to the Atlantic Monthly. The issue before last Hitchens wrote a piece about Graham Greene. Same kind of stuff. He tried hard to slag Greene, but could only manage some catty gossip - Greene the Catholic liked to screw around. Goodness: if that is all Hitchens found, Greene must have been a saint. Read the Power and the Glory by Greene, or The Quiet American. That is genius.

I am always reminded of the savages who believed in eating the heart of a strong enemy in order to acquire his powers. The character assassin hopes to lever himself into the same strata as his victims. Some of the Coo Coos who shoot big name people have a similar if less sophisticated moral template.
John Paul the Great can rest in peace. It seems that being slagged by Hitchens is additional evidence of his moral greatness.


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