Thursday, April 07, 2005

Gomery Eases Publication Ban

Well, the rancid stench has been apparent for days, but Canadians are now being allowed to view the actual rotting carcass of the kickback scheme, known as the sponsorship scandal. Judge Gomery has eased the total ban on reporting the allegations of criminal wrongdoing by Liberals and most of the relevant crap is being aired by the mainstream media. From CTV News

For now, these are just allegations that have not been proven in court.

Brault claimed in his six days of testimony that he systematically kicked back huge amounts of taxpayer money to the federal Liberal party, a deception he claims involved senior Liberal organizers and people close to former prime minister Jean Chretien.

His testimony alleged secret meetings, phoney paper trails, unmarked envelopes stuffed with cash and bogus billings.

He said there were phoney employees on the payroll at the ad firm Groupaction.
Brault said there was $1 million in kickbacks to the Liberal Party of Canada.

His reward, he claims, was $172 million in government business for his firm.
It was always the same story, he told the commission: The Liberal Party needed money. If you wanted the business, you had to pay.

Brault says most of the kickbacks were cash; that's the way his Liberal handlers wanted it, he said, so it couldn't be traced.

On one occasion, Brault says he handed $25,000 in cash to Joseph Morselli, a top organizer for former public works minister Alfonso Gagliano.

Brault wanted the bidding for some ad contracts with the Justice Department delayed. He says Morselli told him the delay would cost $100,000.

The first payment was $25,000, dropped off at a fundraiser for Gagliano, at a restaurant in Montreal's east end.

Brault claims he also put at least five Liberal party workers on Groupaction's payroll. They were paid with sponsorship money to do work for the party.

Other Liberals allegedly got cheques too, disguised as consulting fees, for doing nothing. One of them was former prime minister Jean Chretien's brother, Gaby.

Brault claims Chretien handed $4,000 to a Liberal candidate. Brault says Liberal fundraiser Alain Renaud got $63,000, also for doing nothing. It was clearly, Brault says, a donation to the Liberal Party.

And then, there's Jacques Corriveau, a confidant of Chretien. Brault paid Corriveau's firm nearly $500,000, for no work at all. He says Corriveau wanted the money for the Liberal Party.

We'll pause for a minute to allow readers to grab your spittoons and barf bags.


The question is whether we the people have now had enough of this corrupt corpse of a governing political party or whether we will head to the polls in the next general election like George Orwell's fictional sheep bleating, "Four legs good, two legs bad."

If the allegations are true, and these allegations have the ring of truth, it is apparent that the Liberal Party of Canada is led by greedy, unscrupulous, unethical, sons of bitches whose criminal behaviour now endangers the very future of the country. The Bloc Quebecois stands to gain every seat in that province in the next election. Liberals have handed the separatists a golden club with which to smash our federation.

And the Liberals in Question Period in our House of Commons have the temerity to portray themselves as the victims and to smear outraged Conservative MPs with being unpatriotic. This is beyond shame.

Canadians! Arise from your stupor! You need you to pay attention. This scandal is central to the governance of your country and lies at the heart of that part in our national anthem where we repeatedly sing, "We stand on guard for thee."

Do you not see. The Liberals must go, lest our nation perish.


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