Monday, April 11, 2005

Thoughts on the Pending Election

It has been difficult to find time to post on my blog lately as my mother-in-law is ill and is staying in the North Turret at Castle Mad for a while. The North Turret is where my computer is located and my time on it has been quite limited as a result.

Additionally, over the weekend I've been spending time with her at the emergency ward of our local hospital. She is concerned that she being a burden on us. I tell her she is family to us. Family burdens are accepted as part of life. It's just something we do, from love more than from obligation. No big deal mum. Just get well.


As for the rest of the country ... well, does one laugh or cry at Mr. Dithers insistence that the opposition is obligated to hear out the Gomery Commission witnesses to the bitter end before pulling the plug on this foul corpse of a government. I like the answer given by the Conservatives to that suggestion, i.e. that it will be the Canadian people who will decide when we go to the polls. (By that I take it that it is the polls that will decide when we go to the polls.)


If we do end up in a general election I have to make up my mind on how I can best contribute to the defeat of the Liberal contract racketeers, who currently govern this nation. Back on March 20th I commented on my disappointment over the position on abortion taken by the Conservative party members at the policy convention in Montreal. At the time I said this:

Recently, after a lifetime as a Liberal party supporter I became convinced that the Liberal Party had become openly hostile to my deepest beliefs religious and political beliefs and that I could no longer support it.

Accordingly, I joined the new Conservative Party just before last Christmas in the expectation that in the Conservative party I would find kindred spirits with whom I could fight the good fight. I was one of those who stayed with you to the end in the last election.

It seems I was wrong. Mr. Harper, where does this urban, Eastern, new party member send his resignation? I will no longer compromise with the culture of death and your party just joined it.
Alan, from Occam's Carbuncle, replied in my comments section with this observation, which I've been chewing on ever since:

Would banning abortion stop, or even significantly lessen the practice? Not likely. Not with legal abortions available in nearby jurisdictions. Only a fundamental shift in the values of society will work. That can only be accomplished by social means - advertising, education, religious revival, etc. Don't abandon the party over this. They need the Madness.
That one comment from a well respected Red Ensign brigade member stopped me from tearing up my new Conservative Party membership card. I'll stay ... and fight within the party for the right to life of all innocent Canadians, especially the defenceless ones in what my six year old calls their mummies' tummies.

In the meantime, a review of the positions taken by the party on other matters warms my heart, quite frankly. There are lots of positive policy planks emerging from the convention with which to beat (figuratively and electorally) the Grits. And the Liberals need to be defeated, for they have truly gone beyond the pale.

I remember well the rage directed towards Brian Mulroney and the Progressive Conservative Party for transgressions that were faint shadows of this current political scandal. Although he fled town before facing the electorate, we the people defeated his successor and reduced his party to two seats in the Commons. Was it so long ago? Can we not rouse ourselves to similar action today?

No one can honestly say that the Liberal Party of Canada deserves a better fate than the PC party of that 1993 election? If so, on what possible grounds? No, the Grits need to be defeated alright. It's stable cleaning time in Canada. Pass a shovel and start mucking.


At 10:34 am, April 19, 2005 , Anonymous c matt said...

I have had similar misgivings south of the border with the GOP. It looks more and more like they will be going the pro-choice Republican route (Giuliani or some similar nonsense). What to do? Even their other stands are not that impressive (recent bankruptcy laws designed to give credit card companies - Satan incarnate - favorable treatment from their own indiscriminate lending practices). If the course has become a "fight from within" for change, what difference does it make if the fight is from within the Liberal or Conservative party? Does it come down to a better likelihood of success?


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