Friday, April 22, 2005

He Pled Mercy, Not Justice

I watched the Prime Minister's plea for time and mercy last night and found myself at odds with the underlying premise of his request. He stated that Canadians ought to wait until the Gomery Commission has concluded before we pass judgement on the Liberal Party. In his words, "Only he [Judge Gomery] can tell us what happened and who was responsible."

I beg to differ. While it may be true that Judge Gomery is best placed to determine the details of the criminal corruption which took place, the Canadian public has already been given enough information to be able to conclude that the Liberal party has been operating in a very corrupt manner and that the corruption is of a systemic and endemic nature.

Liberals do not deny this. The Prime Minister himself does not deny this. He calls it an, "unjustifiable mess." What Canadians can, and should, do is determine for themselves whether they want this party to govern Canada for the foreseeable future. Do we want to live in a parliamentary democracy or a Liberal kleptocracy?

The sponsorship program established by Jean Chretien and the Liberal Party to "save Canada" was instead use to loot the public treasury and has become the greatest threat to national unity since the conscription crises of the first and second world wars. I will be shocked if there is one seat in the Province of Quebec that does not go to the separatist Bloc Quebecois. The fault for this can be laid at the feet of the Liberal Party of Canada.

The Grits must go!


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