Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Advance by Retreating

Sorry, but the time for posting is quite limited these days.

I attended a Jesuit retreat on the weekend at Manresa, in Pickering Ontario. Father Phillip Chircop SJ, a priest originally from Malta, was our retreat master. He was excellent. I found he challenged my views (admittedly a tidge conservative) on the Church and what constitutes sin, while remaining wholly faithful to scripture and Church teaching.

I'm now spiritually primed and ready. It was an excellent retreat and I highly recommend you visit their web site and sign up for one.

You not only get to renew your spirit, you get to join the international papal conspiracy to take over the world. Forget Opus Dei conspiracy theories. This is the real thing. .... Really.


At 10:34 am, May 07, 2005 , Blogger Kermit said...

Already (spiritually) signed up. Almost anything is better than than Canterbury or ECUSA right now.

When people start "spinning the Gospel" I walk.

The church does not exist for the purpose of making us feel good about ourselves. Needless to say...

1)... I am nonstipendiary.

2)... I have a small but spiritually active congregation.

3)... Since God had to invent the concept of "Godliness", and then send His Son to show us how to "walk the walk", I have no trouble preaching it. Like all the faithful (especially government employees!) I have trouble "walking the walk" and staying focused on the God-sent example.

Peace and all good,



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