Thursday, May 12, 2005

Call an Election Now

CBC News 12May05

MONTREAL - A former director general of the Liberal party's Quebec wing says he requested police protection last month before testifying before the sponsorship inquiry. Daniel Dezainde told the inquiry on Thursday that he still fears a former party fundraiser, Joseph Morselli, after a nasty encounter with him four years ago.
He said Morselli flew into a rage when he found out that a friend, Beryl Wajsman, had been fired by Dezainde on allegations of illegal fundraising activities. Dezainde said Morselli pointed a finger in his face and said he was declaring "war" against him.

He was so rattled that he checked his insurance policy and told friends about the incident in case something happened to him, Dezainde said Thursday. He told the commission led by Justice John Gomery that he went to the RCMP three weeks ago to tell them he was going to testify.

When Gomery asked him whether that meant he was afraid of possible repercussions, Dezainde replied, "Yes." He said the police told him the best protection would be to tell his story in public. Dezainde didn't call the police at the time, but contacted his boss, Alfonso Gagliano, who was then Prime Minister Jean Chr├ętien's chief lieutenant in Quebec - and a close friend of Morselli. He said Gagliano advised him not to take the incident too seriously and described Morselli as a hothead.

When Morselli dropped out of sight in 2002 after Martin Cauchon replaced Gagliano, Dezainde said his "comfort level" increased.

The thuggish caterer who ran the Liberano operation in Quebec for Alfonso Gagliano without holding office, or being accountable in any way shape or form, threatened the Director General of the provincial wing of the party because he was attempting to assert control over the party finances. To this day Daniel Dezainde fears for his life. Is there no bottom to this Liberal sewer?

I am well aware that not every Liberal is a crook, or a thug, or a fraudster. I knew and worked with some very fine people over my decades as a Liberal. The truth is that all parties have very good people within them. I know my local Member of Parliament, Dan McTeague is a conscientious MP and an honourable man. He works hard and serves his country to the best of his considerable ability. I expect he feels betrayed and angry over what is being revealed by the Gomery Commission. He should.

Because of the revelations of corruption, the Liberal party has lost the moral right to govern this nation. But my deep respect for MPs such as Dan McTeague is nothing compared to my utter disgust at what the Liberal Party as a whole has clearly become and my anger at the damage this party has done to our beloved Canada. Given the testimony at the Gomery Commission is it any wonder the opposition is completely fed up.

The opposition grabbed control of the House of Commons on Thursday, shut it down, and asked for Clarkson to help trigger an election. The one-day walkout was the boldest move yet by the Bloc Quebecois and the Tories to demonstrate that the minority Liberals no longer hold power. "We've now demonstrated three days in a row (that) the government does not have the confidence of the House," Harper said.

"It could go on until the government or the Governor General is forced to admit that the government has lost its mandate to govern the country." Although she can't force an election, the Governor General can advise the prime minister to dissolve Parliament and call a vote. He doesn't have to follow her advice.

A federal official said the prime minister called Clarkson this week but he wasn't aware of what they discussed. He also said she has consulted "well known and reputable" constitutional experts. The prime minister has promised two confidence votes on the federal budget next Thursday but the opposition wants a vote immediately. They're worried that a Tory MP with cancer - Darrel Stinson - won't make it to a late-week vote because he needs surgery.

A senior government official said the prime minister won't be taking any direction from Clarkson. "The Governor General receives advice from her first minister. She doesn't tender it," the official said.

Paul Martin must ignore the arrogant posturing of his flacks and go to the Governor General and ask her to end the life of this miserable, paralyzed parliament. Let us have a general election so that the people may determine the fate of his government. Give the matter over to the people and let us decide.


At 8:04 am, May 13, 2005 , Blogger Kermit said...

My fervant prayer is that the good and conscientious folk of Canada will channel their feelings of anger and betrayal into the creatiion of the government that is worthy of them.

Peace and all good,


At 1:05 pm, May 14, 2005 , Blogger John the Mad said...


This is an excellent prayer, ... unless we Canucks aren't worthy. Hmmmm.

All joking aside, I thank you.

At 7:33 pm, May 15, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK. So you say that " I know my local Member of Parliament, Dan McTeague is a conscientious MP and an honourable man. He works hard and serves his country to the best of his considerable ability. I expect he feels betrayed and angry over what is being revealed by the Gomery Commission. He should."

The question you must ask yourself, and more importantly ask HIM, is whether this conscientious MP and honourable man will be conscientious and honourable enough to do the right thing by the country you say he serves and vote to remove the Criminal Party from power.

If not, then his conscience and honour are left a bit wanting.

At 9:57 am, May 16, 2005 , Blogger John the Mad said...


I agree. The only point I was trying to make is that there are good people in all the parties. The Liberals have to go, of course and I'd be pleased if Dan bolted ranks and voted to bring down the government. I'm not expecting that to happen.

You can see from my writing how disgusted I am by the revelations at the Gomery Commission. I'm not saying I'd vote for Dan this time round. I'll be toiling for the Tories.


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