Thursday, January 06, 2005

Another Ukrainian Reformer Success

Ukraine's Supreme Court has rejected former prime minister Viktor Yanukovych's appeal of repeat election results, bringing the country closer to a resolution of its political crisis.

It remains to be seen whether Yanukovych will file an appeal after the Central Election Commission announces the final results of the Dec. 26 vote. That move would exhaust all of his options.

Yanukovych resigned from the prime minister's post on January 1, but said his supporters would still prepare a final appeal.

Barring some sort of unexpected intervention from Mother Russia it appears that the Ukrainian forces of democratic goodness and light have succeeded for now in pushing back the communist despots who would rule their land. They must still address any efforts to divide the country along Russian speaking and Ukrainian speaking lines. Godspeed to the democratic reformers.


Merry Christmas to all Eastern rite Christians.


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