Monday, December 27, 2004

Ukrainian Reformers Win ... so far

I don't really have much time for posting, as Mad Dad is required elsewhere in the Castle by young members of the clan. So my posts of necessity wil be surreptitious and short.

I've been trying to follow the election in Ukraine with very limited success. There hasn't been a lot of coverage. It appears, at this juncture that Viktor Yuschenko, of the Orange revolution, has beaten (again!) his rival pro-Russian rival Victor Yanukovitch. This time, the electoral commission has the split at 54.4% to 43.8% (CBC News). Ominously, Yanukovitch is refusing to concede defeat and says he will contest the results.

Apparently, electoral returns are very slow in coming in from the Russian speaking eastern regions of the country. I sense that Yanukovitch is setting up conditions favourable for declaring an autonomous region in the eastern region. This may be a prelude for the fracturing of Ukraine. Certainly, this would be in line with the imperial designs of Mr. Putin. Stay tuned folks. This one is not over yet.


At 8:28 pm, December 27, 2004 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

We were lucky enough to visit the Castle this Christmas and spend a little time with the Mad side of the family - Mrs. Mad was looking very well I thought, and the wee mads were increasingly Madder and Madder as the afternoon progressed towards Santa's visit - we escaped just in time - Liam the Mad was consuming mass quantities of chocolate, and Brendan the Mad was stealing everyones PeaMeal Bacon ....

Glad to hear it all went well - and you are right - you should feel grateful -
Auntie Mad

At 8:33 pm, December 27, 2004 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Posted under wrong blog - oops
Of course I meant to say I'm pleased as well re the results, but worried the Russians won't give up the Ukraine without a fight - and from the number of orange flags - the Ukraine have had enough of the evil Russian empire - it is kind of a stand off at the ok corral situation I think at the moment.

Hoping this all plays out peacefully, as it should, and that those that choose freedom and democracy are able to see their dreams come to fruition


At 10:25 pm, December 27, 2004 , Blogger John the Mad said...

Sister of the Mad is always welcome to visit the castle and post a comment or two. I can only hope the chocolate high lasts through tomorrow when Master Liam has two (and if they win, three) hockey games to play. He is the team's goalie and so must play all three games in their entirety.


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