Thursday, December 23, 2004

Malaysian Christmas Rebuttal

There may well be another side to the Malaysian Christmas ban story, as has been pointed out in my comment box by a Malaysian blogger called MaoBi, http:// . Another Malaysian blogger by the name of Slickshadow also questions the story.

In the interest of fairness go have a look.

The Canadian federal government refused to allow religious prayers at the memorial service for the Swiss Air crash off Nova Scotia a couple off years ago and at the 911 memorial service on Parliament Hill in 2001. Something about not wanting to upset people (at least non-religious people, since the prohibitions certainly upset a lot of religious folk). Sounds familiar. No formal ban. Just quietly send the word out through the bureaucracy and later deny there was any such thing.

Still, the Malaysian Christmas ban may not be true. Hard as it is to believe, the mainline media occasionally get it wrong. Anyone else know something about this story?


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