Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Compromise Position

Andrew at has a worthwhile discussion underway on the same sex marriage issue. Essentially, he takes the view that the public is evenly split on this issue and that a compromise is both needed and sustainable. Heterosexuals would retain marriage as the term of their union while homosexuals would have civil unions.

I don't think this compromise would be acceptable to those advocating for gay marriage. It would thwart the underlying objective of asserting the right to marriage, which is to "mainstream" the gay community. Words matter to them as much as it does to those who advocate the traditional view.

He notes that he is being attacked on all sides for his view.


At 7:11 pm, December 15, 2004 , Blogger The Sandman said...

Hi John,
Many thanks your kind comments.

The same sex legislate or not bill has just been passed Parliment in New Zealand (Civil Unions Bill passed) but not without much kicking and shouting from both sides. The bill is actually split into 2 parts, being called "Civil Union Bill & Relationships (Statutory References) Bill" (which can be found here at NZ Gov Site) and is a compromise along the lines that Bound by Gravity talks about. I lean more towards your remarks in this post, but feel that NZ version is perhaps the best way of getting a majority vote on it (as was the case here).

The Sandman.


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