Thursday, December 09, 2004

Apologies to CTV

Thanks to Occam's Carbuncle I have been able to peruse the Supreme Court of Canada decision in the same sex marriage reference. Here is the link he provided.

After a quick first blush scan it now appears I have wronged CTV staffers in my last post. In Paragraph 25 of the decision I read the sentences I attributed in my last post to what had to be drunken CTV staffers. I now see that I had the wrong parties in the wrong party. It's clear that the silly satirical phrases mentioned below were penned at a judicial Winter Interlude party and not at a CTV event. My hearty apologies. While CTV staff may, or may not, have been entirely sober today, they are entirely innocent of satirizing the Supreme Court decision.

The blame, if blame there is, rests entirely with the honourable justices, although they appear to have been significantly influenced, not just by the Pinot Noir, but also by a certain Lord Sankey, writing for the British Privy Council in the famous Persons case in 1931. You may recall that that case allowed women entry into the Senate, fondly referred to by the late Senator Eugene Forsey as the Chamber of Sober Second Thought.

One could wish that the same temperance ethic had found a nest within the country's highest court today, although I hasten to add that I'm not opposed to office Christmas parties in principle. More on this decision in a later post after I've had time for reflection and a stiff Irish whiskey. Supreme Court justices are not the only ones who can drink and write opinions.


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