Monday, December 27, 2004

The Third Day of Christmas.

Well, the first two days of Christmas were wonderful here at Castle Mad. St. Nicholas made his miraculous trip from the north pole escorted by Canadian Forces CF-18 fighter jets on patrol with NORAD. The escorts are fitting as they are about the same vintage as Santa's sleigh, although Santa's avionics are rumoured to be much more up to date.

The children of the Mad appear content, as they play away on various games electronic and pre-electronic. Master Liam told me before he went to bed on Christmas that it had been a great Christmas. Lady Mad agreed whole heartedly, as did mother-in-law of the Mad one.

I like the new air hockey set that St. Nick somehow smuggled down our chimney. How he does that is a source of some speculation around the castle, although Master Brendan sums it up with a statement of faith that would put the Roman centurian of new testament scripture to shame.

[Pause for short lesson, paraphrased from memory ... the centurian came to Jesus asking for a healing of his servant. Jesus agreed to go to the centurian's home, but the centurian, knowing that Jesus would be viewed as defiling himself for entering the home of a Roman soldier, told Jesus, "Rabbi, I am unworthy for you to enter my home. Say but the word and my servant shall be healed." Jesus turned to his deciples and said. "In all of Israel I have not seen faith as great as this." .... thus endeth the small, but possibly necessary, teaching moment.]

Master Brendan's statement of faith went like this. "It's easy Dad. Santa's magic!

Just so, my son, just so. He can do it because he is indeed magic.

Bless you all on this third of the twelve days of the Feast of Christmas.


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