Wednesday, December 29, 2004

LCol Hawn on DART

It appears that Laurie Hawn of "Strong and Free" is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Canadian Forces. He has just posted an excellent letter to Prime Minister Martin about the grounded DART team and the degradation of the CF in general. His site is on my sidebar links. Have a look at his blog.

By the way, the CD after his name is earned by military service to his Queen and country. It is there because he has been awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration. Paul Martin cannot add CD to his name. Nor, I believe, can any other Liberal Cabinet Member. I assert that this is a large part of the problem.


At 4:30 pm, December 31, 2004 , Blogger Classic said...

_I sent an 'Ask Us' question to CTV News if a) there were any federal candidates last June with Cdn military service, and b) who was the last federal leader (any party) - same.
_It wasn't picked, but a Manitoba MP was referred to during their election night coverage.

_As compared to the U.S. importance of military experience of their politicans.


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