Monday, December 27, 2004

There Are None So Blind ...

Thanks to the Diplomad this one.
Stop labelling terror as Islamic: Muslim group MADRID, Spain (AP) - The Islamic Commission of Spain has asked the parliamentary panel probing the Madrid train bombings to refrain from referring to terrorists as "Islamic" or "Islamist", the leading daily El Pais said Thursday.

"Unfortunately (these terms) are used too frequently in political, journalistic and editorial circles, almost on a daily basis, creating a public opinion of social, anti-Islamic alarm," the group's leader Ria Tatary said in a letter sent to the parliamentary commission. "Terrorism is perceived in the world of Islam as a crime along with genocide, both being crimes against humanity," El Pais quoted the letter as saying.

The March 11 bombings, which killed 191 people and injured 1,800, have been blamed on Muslim religious extremists with possible ties to the international terror group, al-Qaeda. Eighteen people, mostly Moroccans, have been charged and jailed in the case. Tatary pointed said the terrorists despise all those who do not think like them, whether they are Muslim or not. He said several Muslims, including an imam, were killed in the March 11 attacks.

I was going to make a comment or two about this article, but sometimes it is better to allow folk their full and uninterupted say. Commentary can potentially obscure the clarity of their vision, which everyone should have the opportunity of observing in all its natural splendour.


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