Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Religion of Peace Burns an Embassy

(AP Photo)

The picture above is of the remains of the Danish embassy in Syria. A Muslim mob burned it to the ground because a Danish newspaper published some unflattering cartoons last September of their prophet Muhammed. In the Islamic religion is is not acceptable to depict their prophet with a bomb in his turban. It is not acceptable to depict him at all; such portrayals apparently being idolatrous.

Thus, thousands of Muslims have marched in the streets in many countries. Muslim marchers have threartened to cut off the heads of offenders in Western countries. Danish goods are being boycotted by Muslims.

In response, European newspapers are publishing the offending cartoons to make the point that there is freedom of expression in western countries. This further enrages Muslims and Arab governments are demanding apologies from European governments for the actions of independent domestic new outlets. Cartoonists (and newspaper staff) are going to the mattress in a legitimate fear for their lives.

In the middle of all of this we are told repeatedly that Islam is a religion of peace. It may well be, but the empirical evidence for that claim is getting scarce. For a religion claiming to be peaceful, it sure is finding it difficult to get along with other religions and cultures all around the world.


This is a legitimate question.


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