Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I've now seen the Liberal kamakazi attack ad, which ran on the Liberal party website, and which depicts the Canadian Forces as an evil instument of the Conservative Party, marching through the streets with (gasp) guns and boots and everything scary. Welcome to Steven Pinochet Harper land. That, and its companion piece involving an interview between John Duffy (Liberal Strategist) and Mike Duffy (veteran CTV reporter) in which the latter shoots the cojones off the former on national TV.

You can find the clip of the atack ad on the CTV website or visit Angry in the Great White North (see sidebar) for both.

Members of the Canadian Forces are understandably and properly furious that they should be depicted in such a despicable manner. The ad certainly reveals the Liberal's hidden agenda. It involves an utter contempt for the those serving in our country's uniform and an odd plan to commit political suicide.

The wheels have fallen off the Grit campaign and they are going down hard.


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