Sunday, January 08, 2006

News from the campaign trail

I figure I'd better post something before rumours begin that I've decamped on a cattle boat to Guatemala or something. Been spending my time with family and politics, in that order.

I now understand why summer elections are the norm in Canada. I've been door knocking with the Conservative candidate in my riding and it's cold, dark, wet and ... did I say cold? For the most part I've been encouraged by the number of people who tell us that they normally vote Liberal, but that this time will vote otherwise. Sometimes they're going NDP. A few times folks have said they are going to vote for the Green Party, but most of the time the "switchers" are going Conservative. There is hope for this land yet. Two weeks of campaigning to go.

I had an extended discussion with one woman who said she is voting Green this time. I asked her why. She said that Stephen Harper would send troops to Iraq. I said that is not possible. The few thousand troops we have are tied up in the Afghanistani deployment. She said that we should be training the Forces for peacekeeping, not combat. I said that the skill set needed for good peacekeepers is the same as for good combat troops, but that in any case the current threat was the Islamofascist jihad and that means combat. I asked her if she supported the Canadian forces being in Afghanistan helping the people in their transition to democracy, or whether she advocated abandoning them to the Jihadists or the Taliban. She looked bewildered.

I tried to be gentle. Birkenstockers are so fragile and I'm not the candidate.

John Tory (the Conservative party leader in the province) spent time doorknocking with us. I liked him.

Back to the coal face tomorrow. (Not the campaign. The office.)

I notice that the Conservatives pulled ahead off the Grits in Ontario (outside of Toronto) at about the same time I started to work on the campaign. Coincidence?


At 4:32 am, January 09, 2006 , Blogger TonyGuitar said...

I have the ensign in a slide show at Maybe we can get Harper to adopt it with a nice golden maple leaf the present flag is too *liberal* red.

Save the Liberal party. Replace conservative industrialist Martin with a * Liberal *leader.

While my personal politics don't really matter, I think it is important to talk to as many undecided voters as possible and present this overview.

Liberal Voter ?

This time I*m voting for Harper because the Liberals need a time out to clear out the dead wood and renew . Respect for liberals is at such a low ebb, that if elected as a weak minority, the Liberal Party could go out in flames just as the Social Credit party did in B.C.

Industrialist Paul Martin at the helm makes the Liberals more of a Conservative Corporate party rather than a true Liberal party. Martin fired his Canadian marine crews and hired on non-union Central and South American crews. He also registered his Canadian Steamship Lines in Barbados in order to avoid paying Canadian taxes.
The Liberal party needs a liberal leader.

Those moves are acceptable for an industrialist but they are not appropriate for the Prime Minister of Canada. Martin is banking on the fact that most Canadian voters simply do not have the time to read the news in detail in these busy modern times.

You may be aware of the Sponsorship scandal, but that is only the tip of a very big iceberg. There are well over 200 losses and thefts of Canada*s public funds and the list is still growing.

These losses run well into the billions of dollars and have contributed to the loss of services in emergency hospital departments, schools, and countless other areas.

Today?s NDP literature refers to a minimum total scams figure of $10 billion.

Time for a Conservative vote. If the Harper team fails to do the job, we can always vote the Liberals back in and by that time the Liberals will have a new respect for integrity and efficiency and a real *Liberal* leader.
Sound logical? TG


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