Sunday, January 29, 2006

Blogstravaganza was a success!

On Friday I walked a block from where I work and found myself at a gathering of bloggers at the Fiddler's Green on Wellesley Street in Toronto. I finally met some of the folks I read on a regular basis.

Damian Brooks of Babbling Brooks was there along with Ghost of a Flea, Sinister Thoughts, Greg Staples, Nick the Brigadier and Kateland of Last Amazon and many others. I offered to buy Nick the drink he demanded as a price for joining the RE Brigade over a year ago. He laughed and said I was the first to offer. Realizing my error I slipped away before he could claim his prize. He likes good stuff and good stuff is costly.

Warren Kinsella was also in attendance. I introduced myself as a guy that had attacked him viscously on my blog. He said I was not alone in that. He was right on that point. We actually hit it off quite well. I had a number of stories to tell of a time in the Liberal Party before the reign of that nearly erstwhile Prime Minister whom Occam of Carbuncle fame calls Paul the Regrettable, or even Jean da Proof of his time.

I also met the great Andrew Coyne and learned he has never served in the military. Said something about cowardice being his thing. A man after my own heart. Goes to show you can't believe everything you read in the MSM. Who knew?

The evening was a great pleasure.


At 1:31 pm, January 30, 2006 , Blogger Jason Hickman said...

It was good to meet you "in person", John. Too bad we didn't get more of a chance to talk/drink. Next time for sure.

At 4:38 pm, January 31, 2006 , Blogger Kermit said...


You mean there are people on the other end of this infernal machine. I'll have to rethink my relationship to this elctro-mechanical monster.



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