Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Whirly Bits and the Void

A very good friend pseudonymously named Sancho Panza, Squire to the Knight of the Woeful Countenance, tells me I must stop just criticizing the state of things on my blog and start coming up with solutions. That's always much easier written than done and I'm by no means confident that I'm up to the job.

Our current society seems to have been crafted by stoned sorcerers' apprentices prancing about in Birkenstocks and togas, all the while snorting Cocaine and swilling back lattes laced with brandy. Not that I have anything against brandy. How does one fix such things? I'm John the Mad, not John the Baptist.

Our society now resembles a civilization, but it is not civilized. It consumes lots of energy, but produces nothing of lasting value. It claims to be democratic, but is really oligarchic. It claims to value life, but is consumed by death; for the individual, for the community and for the nation. It claims to value children, but slaughters them in unprecedented numbers; the toll exceeding that of even the holocaust. It the equivalent of a worldwide holocaust each and every year. This society is a decaying cipher posing as a painted harlot. No offence to painted harlots.

I believe that fixing our society would involve something of a Hail Mary pass. Of course, as a Catholic I encourage intercessions from that holy source, but the thing we once fondly referred to as western civilization (really, old Christendom) has pretty much receded from the world stage. In its place we have been gifted with a fancy Rube Goldberg machine that whirls and twirls and glistens and shines and gongs and clangs.

As entertaining as a good Rube Goldberg machine is, it cannot and does not do anything but entertain. That's fine if the point is simply to be amused, but it is an execrable foundation for a civilization. To base a society on the principles of a Rube Goldberg machine is to court extinction in a grand and terrible way. This circumstance no doubt brings great joy to the demented zealots of PETA and their spiritual familiars in the demonic choir, but it is distressing to a normal madman who has a family and desperately wants his kids to reject the false and fatal promises of the culture of death.

I'm just not sure you can "fix" the thing. It ain't broke, for one thing. The damned machine is running perfectly well, as intended, and will so run until it stops. When it does stop there will be a sudden and unexpected era of stillness and silence, utterly shocking for all those now so entranced by the twirling shiny bits. That cessation will portend eternal death for many.

I hope people will be able to "get into" voids. There will be no "getting out." The Supreme Court of Canada has no authority to abolish them and there are no parole or mandatory release programs from them. Your void will be the ultimate death sentence, pronounced by yourself on yourself. You never contemplated Hell as a seized Rube Goldberg device, have you? I told you I was mad.

I suppose there may be moments of relief. The demonic choir will be available for unrestricted group sex, if that is what turns your crank. It may well be required. Enjoy. I expect the current justices of the Supreme Court will be available as playmates. Not as members of the infernal choir, mind you. They'll be in the orchestra playing the fiddles.

What does this mean for the ordinary folk you ask? Now that the Criminal Code of Canada has been stripped, figuratively and legally, of its community standards test, your 14 year old sons and daughters (the age of consent in Canada) may now take in an evening of fun and frolicking in a local legal sex club, where public fornication with strangers is the main attractor. Foreplay is on the menu, but only as an appetizer. I warn you though. The meat, which usually was formerly rare, will now be raw.

At least your 14 year old won't be considered old enough to drink. Some limits must be respected, at least for now. Don't worry though. If your daughter gets pregnant, the helpful ghouls of Planned Parenthood and their ilk will be around to counsel them on their duty to kill the life in the womb ... and no one need, or probably will, tell you about it.

As I say, don't worry. Be happy. We live now in a society which has abandoned any purpose of life which goes beyond narcissism and hedonism. No need to await the arrival of the void. The band has already struck up a lively number and the games are already underway. And to our everlasting shame, we are all responsible that this is so. Sancho and me included.


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