Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It'sTime to Help Our Neighbours

(photo from AP)

I just spent a good few hours watching CNN. The destruction in the US Gulf states is beyond belief and very hard to watch. One wonders how those affected will be able to rebuild. Some communities are simply gone. It is like watching film of the day after Hiroshima.

What I want to know is how the world will react to this disaster. When this happens elsewhere Americans are first in with all the aid they can muster. We have a moral obligation to assist our friends and allies where we can. I plead with my Canadian readers to contact our federal members of parliament and respective provincial legislative representatives to demand they (we) help. Our federal treasury overflows with our tax dollars. There is a huge surplus. Let's use some of it to provide relief to those stricken in the US south.

We can surely send in teams of hydro workers to help repair electrical systems. Contractors can help with the cleanup and reconstruction. Let's get creative.

Is there a solitary Canuck out there that thinks the Americans wouldn't do everything they could to help us in a similar disaster?

Whether or not we help, Americans will dig in and get through this one as best they can. That is part of their spirit and they will need to draw on it now. Yes, the United States is a rich country, but even they have limits. We must help.

Time to step up to the plate folks. The need is great.


At 6:00 pm, August 31, 2005 , Blogger Sue said...

I agree. On the local news, they reported that the Canadian Red Cross is sending 100 to assist on Friday. And the Vancouver Urban Rescue is also sending a team.

At 9:16 pm, August 31, 2005 , Blogger Teresa said...

I got a little misty eyed when I read your post. Thank you for asking for help for us. I don't live in the Gulf States, but this is my country and I am sad at the ruin and loss of life.

I'd like to think that we do help when we can and this time we are going to need from others, I think.

I came to your blog via Sue.

At 1:10 am, September 01, 2005 , Blogger Temujin said...

Wouldn't it be an especially good gesture (in light of the softwood dispute) to offer a big pile of lumber, no strings attached, for the reconstruction effort?

Perhaps not plausible, but it would certainly be seen as a good, quality gesture.

At 11:04 am, September 01, 2005 , Blogger John the Mad said...

Good idea, were it not for the US lumber interests who stand to make a fortune from this. I expect they'd go ballistic.

Mind you, that would suit me just fine.


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