Saturday, January 29, 2005

Iraq Votes

Tomorrow the people of Iraq have their first opportunity to elect those who govern them. Three years ago, this seemed an impossible dream. Even today there are significant forces arrayed against democracy in Iraq. Baathist fascists (all most all Sunni Muslims from central Iraq) are opposing the vote for the simple reason that they have for decades oppressed the majority and now stand will certainly lose it through the democratic process.

They are supported by the bin Laden's international band of murderers, Iran's fanatical mullahs and assorted thugs and brigands of every stripe. The pre-vote sentiment of the people is evident. They crave democratic self-governance and if large numbers stay away from the polls it will only be because of fear and intimidation by the fascists, terrorists and thugs. If the people turn out in large numbers it will prove George Bush and the coalition partners right and his detractor's wrong for yet another Muslim population will have been allowed to taste from the heady cup of freedom.

The country is the focal point for those wish President Bush and the American people ill. Quietly, governments from countries such as Russia, France and Germany and the bloated bureaucrats of the United Nations lean are praying for an electoral debacle, in order to bolster their anti-Americanism beliefs.

Bush proved them wrong in Afghanistan and he may well succeed in Iraq. I await the outcome with great worry mixed with real hope.

We shall see.


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