Saturday, January 22, 2005

England Swings as a Pendulum Do

A tip of the hat to Tim Dormain of The Black Kettle for a timely warning. (I visited his blog for the first time tonight and I recommend you have a look.)

If you are American, Australian, New Zealander, Canadian or from
another land in the Anglosphere you are about to lose the womb of your civilization, your culture, your laws and your language.
He links to an article by James Lewis, at the American Thinker. Lewis warns that Britain faces an impending loss of sovereignty and independent governance, as it is sleepwalks into the European Union's mega-bureaucracy run by Paris and Berlin. He is primarily concerned about the impact on Britain and on the USA, but as Tim Dormain notes, it will have an impact on us, as well. Here is part of James Lewis's article:

Piece by piece, the British socialist government is giving up:

--- control of the British military. The British Army, Royal Air Force, and Royal Navy are being cut severely, and part of the remainder will soon be assigned to a European Defense Force. Soon, the EU will have a veto over British military decision making.

--- control of British foreign policy. The EU demands a common foreign policy ? meaning that France and Germany will decide together with Britain what policies to adopt. Given the level of animosity toward the US among the elites in Europe, those policies will not be friendly to us.

--- control of domestic police powers. Today, the European bureaucracy can issue arrest warrants for British citizens. The time is not far off when EU police will be able to range far and wide across the old national borders. Sovereignty means independent control of one?s nation. That is going fast.

--- free speech and the right of habeas corpus. Recently the head of a small nationalist party was arrested for criticizing Islam in a private meeting.

--- the sovereignty of Parliament, the centerpiece of British democracy. The unelected European Commission is taking on the powers of the British Parliament, while the European Parliament itself is not even allowed to propose any laws.

--- democratically accountable government. The EU is run by the new Axis Powers --- the Franco-German axis, with walk-on parts for the smaller countries. They are the new ruling class. The capital of the new superstate is Brussels, but the strings are pulled in Paris and Berlin.
Gadzooks! Encroyable, mes amis! Just imagine! If Canada's social, defence and foreign policy were to be turned over to people who thought like those execrable political leaders in Berlin and Paris, why we'd, ..... uh, ..... hmmm, ..... well ...... never mind ............


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