Friday, January 21, 2005

The Red Ensign Raised Again

Chris, at Striving Against Opposition, has enlisted in the Red Ensign Brigade. At this growth rate, we'll soon outnumber the Patricia's.

Welcome to the Brigade. I see on your blog that Damian has beat Nicholas to the mess bar. The scent of free drinks appears to drive Brigade members mad, which as you can surmise, makes me feel quite at home.

So far, in my short time with the unit, I've seen no uniforms, room inspections, or close order drill. From this I can only gather that we are a special ops unit, charged with making stealthy incursions into hostile territory, cutting their supply lines and blowing their bridges.

This suits me just fine. The days of enjoying boot polishing in the barrack laundry room, while jostling with thirty other guys to grab one of the three operational washing machines are thankfully over. Since you're from Alberta, where men are men and sheep are nervous, I know you'll do fine. Grits, after all, are sheep. Baaaaah.

Now, I must recall how to place you on my blogroll. Good Lord, it's already there! Wizards are afoot! Man your brooms ....... prepare to repel warlocks ......


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