Friday, January 21, 2005

Prime Minister Martin On Polygamy

Moving on from the near DART visit disgrace, the photogenic PM and his padre shoving, grave stomping entourage finds itself in China.

It is reported that the Right Honourable Himself became agitated today over comments made by Stephen Harper that, "the Liberal government's move to extend marriage to include gay and lesbian couples could, one day, evolve into support for polygamy." Harper said it was a slippery slope. According to CTV News:

Prime Minister Paul Martin says the issue of same-sex marriage is so important to him, he'd be willing to call an election -- if he has to. .."Am I ready to go into an election to uphold the charter of rights against those who would attack it? The answer is certainly yes." ...

"I don't believe there's any support in the country for the recognition of polygamy in law." ... "I cannot conceive how anybody can say that and not understand just how ridiculous he must look," Martin told reporters in Beijing, adding that the laws against polygamy will not change. "As far as I'm concerned it will always be against the law."
Of course, Mr. Martin will not always be Prime Minister, so his assurance means exactly squat. As I recall, ten years ago politicians were blowing off suggestions that the gay rights agenda had anything to do with marriage and asserting that it was inconceivable that the country would ever see it. But here it is folks, in all its inconceivable glory.

I'd advise not placing bets against polygamy, if I were you.


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