Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Where is Isaac?

Nine days ago, in my first blogging effort, I raised an important theological issue about the Anglican Church in Canada dropping Isaac from their Eucharistic prayer in favour of his mother Sarah. I asked what Isaac had done to warrant being expunged from the liturgy and demanded to know where he was now and what the Anglicans had done with him.

Nine days, and still we wait for answers. I had expected a firestorm of protest from like-minded individuals. I had expected a response from the Anglican primate, or at least some ringing protestations of innocence. Instead there is silence. Yet there is no indication that Isaac has been restored to his place with his father Abraham. Nothing. I am beginning to think we are being stonewalled here.

You Anglicans cannot hold out forever. We are on to you now and will continue to demand answers. Free Isaac!


At 2:07 pm, April 01, 2007 , Blogger newport baby said...

So whatever did happen to Isaac?

Actually, after his Pa released him, then what? you never hear much about Isaac after that.


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