Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Cross Expunged from Military Chaplains' Cap Badges

OTTAWA, November 16, 2004 ( - The Canadian
Defence Department announced plans Monday to remove the Christian symbol -- a Maltese cross -- from the caps of its army chaplains. The move is claimed to be because the military's first Moslem chaplain was hired last year. "We are looking at seeing what developments there could be in that field because, to have a Muslim or to have someone of another faith under that same cap badge -- I think it wouldn't be of service to them," military
Chaplain Jean Bourgeois told the Toronto Sun... The full text of the story
is available at:

I don't really have a problem with that concept. I think a better idea might be to allow for several cap badges. The cross for Christians, the Star of David for Jewish chaplains and the crescent for Muslim chaplains. Wiccans could have a broomstick or a chin wart, Veggans could have a cucumber or radish, Hedonists could have a ... well, ..... they would be having such a good time that I suspect that they wouldn't care would they. Any Hedonist chaplains out there who can confirm this suspicion?


At 10:02 am, November 21, 2004 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strangely enough it doesnt seem to be possible to contact this office by email - wonder what the DND budget for Mr. Graham's office is these days - perhaps some cute young male techie could set the office up with a computer eh -

Anyway for those that care here is the snail mail addy

The Honourable William Graham
Minister of National Defence
Contact the Minister of National Defence:
The Honourable William Graham
Minister of National Defence
National Defence Headquarters
Major-General George R. Pearkes Building
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0K2
Phone: 613-996-3100
Facsimile: 613-995-8189

One would think that the simple solution to this supposed dilemma would be to allow the Muslim chaplain to wear his own identifying badge - and the other chaplains to wear theirs -
- a decision that would elude the Liberals in it's simplicity and common sense.

As usual there will be no outcry - and we will continue to hand over our cherished institutions to the politally correct and misguided morons of the country.


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