Saturday, November 20, 2004

Parrish the Pariah

Carolyn Parrish, the outspoken member of parliament has been cast from the Liberal caucus into the independent political wilderness. The obstensible reason for the banishment, cited by Prime Minister Martin, was that she had crossed the line by stomping on a George Bush doll in a CBC comedy show called This Hour has 22 Minutes. Would that it were so.

In reality of course, it is apparent that it was her subsequent nasty remarks, squarely aimed at the PM and her fellow Liberal caucus members, that brought her down. Her obvious loathing of things American was well known to the public and her previous musings such as, "I hate those bastards" etc., had brought little more than a mild rebuke from Mr. Martin in the past. Her comments that she owed no loyalty to the PM and would not mourn a Liberal Party loss in the next election, however, were remarkable for candidness and a certain (how shall I put this?) moronic quality. It seems that Carolyn, the political pit mouse of Mississauga Ontario hates more than just Yankees.

Frankly, I think there is much sympathy within the current Liberal caucus for such thoughts. She is just more vocal and unrepentant when challenged on her views. That the Canadian soggy left holds such views is no great surprise. American Democrats feel just as strongly, if not more so, about the Bush administration. Watching the appearances of Ms. Parrish in the media it is clear that her salient personal quality is an utter self-absorption. I think it prevents her from grasping just how sad she really is.


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