Sunday, February 06, 2005

Another Recruit to the Colours

I have been remiss in not welcoming the newest member of the Red Ensign Brigade who describes himself in the following way.

"The enlightened writings of Peter C. Rempel, university student out in the Vancouver rain."

Visit his web site at Ramelia Prime when you have a moment. (see sidebar - A leprechaun places your blog link there when you join. Don't ask me how. I'm a tube model brain in a computer universe. )

Peter: Recruit platoon falls in a 06:30 hrs. There will be a kit inspection followed by 60 minutes of close order drill.

You will be expected to put a spit shine on your parade Nikes. I want to be able to see my nose hairs in the toe caps. Am I clear? No?...... Well, I am Mad, you know.

By the way, your clever ruse to forestall the demands of a certain brigade member for free booze by not having a comments section is very clever, but ultimately doomed. He will place his order as soon as you enter any of the brigade officers messes, which are brilliantly disguised as civilian pubs. You've been warned. Fall out!


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