Monday, January 31, 2005

Struggling with my Faith?

Nathan over at Nathan's Updates From Seoulhas published the 14th edition of the Red Ensign Standard. Go have a look. This synopsis of brigade posts is useful for others because the sheer number of members involved now. I get to catch some good posts which I had not seen. Nathan is to be commended for taking on this Herculean task.

I have only one slight, teansy weansy, minor quibble with his reportage. He says this of me.
The Holocaust represents the depths of utter depravity to which we human beings can sink. John the Mad struggles with his Catholic faith and the fact of the Holocaust.
Perhaps the fault is mine for not being clear, but I never intended to suggest I was struggling with my Catholic faith. I was struggling with the moral enormity of the Holocaust, the grotesque scope of the evil it represents, and my view that it was a result of a much greater spiritual warfare with its cause being at the beginning of creation. As for my Catholic faith, I assure everyone that it is quite secure. Dominus vobiscum Nathan!


At 11:18 pm, January 31, 2005 , Blogger Nathan said...

I'm going to touch that up, John.

At 12:43 am, February 01, 2005 , Blogger John the Mad said...

Thanks Nathan.


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