Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Doctor Death Gets the Snowflake

The insignia depicted above is that awarded to inductee members of the Order of Canada. The constitution of the Order limits the number of recipients of this gong to 136 Canadians per year out of a population of some 33 million souls. It is intended to be a great honour bestowed on those Canadians who have demonstrated, "a lifetime of distinguished service in or to a particular community, group or field of activity."

Sometime in the very near future a man named Henry Morgentaler will be inducted as a member of this order. It was so announced on the 141st anniversary of this nation's founding. Morgentaler's presence among the members of the Order will debase, as it already has the Hippocratic oath of the medical profession, all who wear the insignia of the Order of Canada and deeply wound the system of honours maintained by Canadians to honour achievement by its citizens.

As a nation we are about to grant our highest honour to a man responsible (as a good friend of mine says) for the deaths of more Canadians than the German army in two world wars. His lifetime achievement is to have snuffed out the lives of children growing in their mother's wombs - children entirely innocent and helpless before this champion of what Pope John Paul the Great correctly called the culture of death.

I loathe the very sight and name of Henry Morgentaler, for though his followers and fellow travellers are legion, it was he who led the way for the general acceptance of the idea that it is acceptable for physicians and mothers to kill babies in the womb. The Canadian judiciary, members of parliament, the respective provincial legislatures and the medical profession have all have played their perfidious parts, but Morgentaler is the central actor and symbol of the unrelenting struggle to unleash the beast. And unleash it he has.

A generation of innocent Canadians have been subjected to murder most foul and the leading high priest of the Canadian coven for the fetal holocaust is now to be feted and lauded at Government House by Her Excellency, the Right Honourable Michaƫlle Jean, Governor-General of Canada. She accepted the advice of the advisory committee established for the purpose of nominating new members to the Order. It is a distinguished panel led by the Right Honourable Beverley McLaughlin, PC, Chief Justice of Canada. I'd be embarrassed by the title Right Honourable if I were them.

In a macabre way, Morgentaler's appointment to the Order of Canada is entirely fitting. The debasement of the Order merely reflects the corruption of our country's noble ideals by the poltroons we allow to lead us.

Alas, I fear it will get worse before it gets better.


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