Wednesday, June 18, 2008

School acts on psychic's accusation of abuse

From the alternative universe of the (Ontario) Simcoe County District School Board the Toronto Sun brings you this tale out of Edgar Allen Poe.
On May 30, Leduc picked Victoria up from school, where she's enrolled in an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) class with several boys around the same age. When Leduc returned home, there was an urgent call asking her to return to the Livingstone Street East school.

Frightened, Leduc rushed back to the school. She and Victoria entered a room where they were met by the principal, the vice-principal and the teacher.

Leduc said they advised her that Victoria's educational assistant (EA) had visited a psychic, who said a youngster whose name started with "V" was being sexually abused by a man between 23 and 26 years old. Leduc was also handed a list of recent behaviours exhibited by her daughter.

School principal Brian Tremain -- who referred phone calls seeking comment to the board -- advised Leduc that the CAS had been contacted.

"That's when I got sick to my stomach," she said. "I was shocked the whole meeting."
You think I made this stuff up don't you. You think that in a rationale world, school officials wouldn't accept a phychic's musings that a child named "V" was being sexually abused by an unnamed man aged somewhere between 23 and 26 years old. You would be wrong.

Dr. Lindy Zaretsky, a school board superintendent whose portfolio includes special education, said the school was just following protocol, adding the board is bound by the same legislation (Child and Family Services Act) as the CAS when it comes to suspected neglect or sexual abuse.

"It is clear in all cases that this (information) must be reported," Zaretsky said.

What is clear is that some school board employees ought to be given the old pink slip. Get thee hence. You aren't fit to teach a tadpole how to swim.

Did you know that Doctor Lindy Zaretsky cross dresses as a 25 year old man on weekends and spends her time in playgrounds with autistic children named V? How do I know? A homeless two-headed dwarf, high on LSD, on a street in Toronto told me that he consulted an Ouija board on the matter. There you are. Who you gonna believe? An Ouija board or a school board? In Simcoe County is there a difference?

Now that you know of this new information, it is your duty to call the Children's Aid Society! It's required by law. So says Dr. Zaretsky, whose PhD is, no doubt, in a hard science such as necromancy.


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