Saturday, June 16, 2007

Equalization payments writ large

Equalization and the Atlantic accords. As I observe political leaders from the Atlantic provinces engage in the biggest political snit since the Parti Quebecois invented humiliation, I must say I am left cold. Really cold. As in cold cold anger.

The entire logic of those who try to defend the Atlantic provinces' position is based on the fact that the (then) desperate Liberal federal government of Paul Martin signed a fiscally indefensible accord and the (then) opposition Conservatives, led by Steven Harper, promised more of the same.

This scurrilous demand of the east requires Ottawa to acquiesce in a grotesque fleecing of the taxpayers of Ontario. Being a taxpayer in Ontario this offends me greatly. It is not just. It is not in accord with the principles of equalization and it is contrary to common sense, fiscal prudence, fairness and justice. Did I make myself clear? Hope so.