Sunday, June 11, 2006

CBC's coverage

I am tired. The new job I have taken on is consuming in the extreme and I have had no time to consider commenting on world events. What little down time I have is spent resting, or with my family.

The recent arrest by Canadian police of 17 people from a wide variety of backgrounds, all of them Islamic, is perhaps the most important of these news stories from a Canadian perspective. The CBC was pathetically hilarious in its coverage. In one CBC radio news story the announcer intoned gravely in the same breath that the CBC broadcast centre in Toronto and the Prime Minister of Canada were targets of our domestic Islamist terrorist cell.

The news story then focused for about five minutes on the threat to the CBC. The plan to behead the Prime Minister of our country, and decapitate our parliamentary government was clearly secondary in the minds of newfolk at the Mothercorpse. I guess nothing concentrates the minds of sensitive media socialists like a possible terrorist bomb in their place of personal employment.